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Our Mission:

  • Empower people to live a healthy lifestyle through individualized fitness and nutrition programs
  • Deliver balanced fitness programs based on strength development, cardio conditioning and flexibility
  • Provide realistic solutions promoting weight loss, increased muscle mass and decreased body fat

A healthy lifestyle promotes and supports an energized life of confidence and happiness. Reach your personal fitness and nutrition goals through dedication and consistency. Starting a new program can be a little daunting. It takes commitment and passion to break old habits – we support you every step of the way.

Our only focus is your fitness and nutrition goal. You receive the individualized fitness training, nutrition and weight loss coaching, and mind-set strategies required for your success. Get the lean, toned body that you desire using our personal training and nutrition services.

Reach New Fitness Heights

Experience a great personal training session in our studio – feel confident and at ease working toward your goals. Combining one-on-one personal training with nutrition and weight loss coaching helps you get the results you want and deserve.

Train to move for real life activities using old-school tools like kettlebells, body-weight exercises, fitness boxing, heavy ropes and more. This provides you a complete workout guaranteed to get the results you want. Every training session targets your whole body. You’re always getting the most out of every workout. You will see a big difference in your strength, mobility, and endurance using our methods and guidance.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

All sessions are by appointment; so there are no crowds to contend with at the studio. Parking is a breeze – one less stressor. Walking through our doors, you’ll see other like-minded individuals like yourself working hard to achieve their goals. Great motivation.

No matter what your goals are, individualized programs are designed just for you. Safely progress from your current fitness level towards your goals. We take the guesswork out of training. Whether you want to get in shape or maintain your shape, we’ll design a plan that fits just you!

Our programs are simple, efficient and effective to ensure you see the results you want. Benefit from training with experts who have 25 years of knowledge and experience in an energetic and friendly community.

Read Our Reviews

  • “Due to my commitment to working out with Rick twice a week, I’m healthier, happier and fitter than I would be on my own. I enjoy my sessions at Old-School Fitness.”

  • “I love that I can show up and get an amazing workout and not have to think about it myself. I respect that much emphasis is placed on proper technique.”

  • “I decided to work with a personal trainer. I wasn’t motivated to lose weight and exercise on my own. I always leave the studio feeling 100% better than when I arrive.”

  • “The fitness program that Sharon designed has progressed rapidly. I can’t believe how far I’ve come. Sharon is fantastic at designing fitness programs just for you to help you reach your goals.”

  • “Working with Rick two days a week for 2+ years, I’ve reshaped my body, my fitness level, diet and the way I approach working out.”