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In December 2015, I sustained a serious back injury. The pain was so severe that I could barely walk and couldn’t stand or sit for more than a few minutes. I wasn’t a candidate for surgery and after several months of physical therapy, I was still in moderate to severe pain. EVERYTHING was difficult. In my mid-40s, I felt like I was 90. I could do things for about 30 minutes then would have to lie down for a few hours then get up again for 30 more minutes, repeat. The most mundane things took so much effort and caused so much pain. Plus, the pain intruded on my sleep – I was uncomfortable and always tired.

Once my physical therapy sessions ended, I knew I needed more strength/core training but I didn’t know where to start. I knew I needed someone to tell me what to do and show me how to do it right. And I also needed someone with experience and patience with an injured novice. And I needed to be accountable, since I’m not someone who enjoys exercise for exercise’s sake. After researching personal trainers in the area, I chose Old-School Fitness because it was small and local to me. I liked that the studio was very private – usually only one or two clients working out at a time. I also liked that they had so much experience working with all ages and all levels of fitness. I didn’t want to be a bodybuilder – I just wanted to be able to put on socks and shoes without yelping. That choice, to begin working with a personal trainer, and specifically Sharon and Rick at Old School Fitness is hands down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I’ve been training with them for about a year and through very personalized workouts, incredibly, I now have (nearly) no back pain and am close to being fully functional again. They literally gave me my life back. I started going just because I wanted to be able to do normal daily things without it being a major ordeal that would cause me to spend the rest of the day suffering. I never expected to be (nearly) pain free, and yet here I am, with so little pain (just enough to remind me to be careful) I can’t even believe it.

Add to that all the things that go along with working out/getting healthy – I’m sleeping better, eating better, drinking more water, I’m more focused, have more energy – it’s incredible the difference a year has made. I’ve lost 25 pounds and can see my muscle definition for the first time in my life. The difference in my overall health, strength, morale and general well-being is astonishing and I am incredibly grateful to them.

It wasn’t and isn’t easy! But with consistency came incremental progress. Sharon plans my workouts in advance but then adjusts in the moment if necessary based on how my back feels. The workouts have changed over time as I got stronger and she regularly introduces new exercises so I’m never bored. She and Rick emphasize technique and pay close attention to form which I especially appreciate having been injured – I trust and expect them to correct me. They are patient and listen and never push beyond my ability. I’m doing exercises now that I would have thought were impossible for me to do even before my injury.

I now know how important regular exercise is and that it can be started at any age at any fitness level. Also, that it’s an investment and, for me, a priority. I’m not self-motivated to exercise on my own – I’d rather do anything but exercise. It’s hard work but I like how I feel, how my posture is better, how my body has changed and seeing muscles appear that I didn’t know I had. I never again want to experience the level of pain that came with an injury that could have been prevented had I been in better shape to begin with. So, this is a new lifestyle choice that I’m committed to having learned a hard lesson.

I was fortunate to find Old-School Fitness. It is exactly what I needed and Sharon and Rick are exactly the right people to work with.

– A.M.