Rick: (919) 889-6171 | Sharon: (919) 434-4802


Rick became my personal trainer about 10 years ago and I am now a 61 year old “twice per week regular”. He provides me with an excellent mix of cardio, flexibility, weight and balance programs that allow me to do most anything physically that I’d like to do.

Over the past decade, I’ve remained fairly active outside of my time with Rick, playing soccer, hiking, skiing and playing golf. Due to my commitment to working out twice a week with Rick, there’s no doubt that I’m healthier, happier and fitter than I would be on my own. I know that I am able to customize and change up my training—I just let him know.

I enjoy my sessions at Old-School Fitness – they are my friends and we share quite a bit about our lives and our families during the workout. I have an unpredictable work schedule and I appreciate Rick’s flexibility to make scheduling changes when necessary. I have also come to know some of Rick’s and Sharon’s other clients, and it’s a very relaxed and comfortable environment.

I enjoy the lack of a “crowd” that you find at many large gyms—I always know what to expect when I go to “Old School”- always a parking space right out front, always a smile and a laugh, and always a focus on taking care of myself.

So for anyone who is willing to commit to a regular and ongoing program, I can highly recommend Rick and Sharon. They are wonderful, experienced and thoughtful professional personal trainers that will help you fulfill your personal health goals!

– Doug