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  • Empower people to live healthy lifestyles through individualized fitness and nutrition programs
  • Design balanced fitness programs focused on strength, cardio conditioning, flexibility and mobility
  • Provide nutrition solutions promoting fat loss, muscle development and a sense of well-being

Sharon Goodman - personal trainer

About Us - Sharon Goodman - Owner Old-School Fitness
"A healthy lifestyle promotes a life of confidence and happiness."

Sharon is a dynamic individual whose dedication to fitness is contagious. She uses this quality to inspire and motivate people to transform themselves.

Having been involved in fitness all her life, from collegiate swimmer to marathoner and triathlete, she understands the many benefits of exercise. Sharon has a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Sport Science with a minor in Nutrition from the University of North Carolina.

She holds personal and kettlebell training certifications and has trained in the Apex / Cary area for 25 years. Since 2010, Sharon has been an owner of Old-School Fitness personal training in Apex, NC.

When not training clients, she enjoys swimming in a Master’s swim program, paddle boarding, cycling and playing with her 2 dogs, Oaklee and Jax.

Rick has been a personal trainer in the Apex / Cary area for 15 years. He received his first personal and kettlebell training certifications in 2003.

Since then, he has helped his clients surpass their imagined physical and mental limits. They have achieved fitness goals they didn’t think possible, challenging their minds, muscles and cardiovascular systems.

Years of training have provided him with experience working with people with various goals, abilities and fitness levels.

Since 2010, Rick has been an owner of Old-School Fitness a personal training in Apex, NC.

In his off time, he enjoys cycling, paddle boarding and playing with his 2 dogs, Oaklee and Jax.

Rick Goodman - personal trainer

Personal Training - client fitness boxing with personal trainer.
"I'm passionate about helping people achieve great quality of life through fitness."
  • You want to lose weight, get in shape
  • You want to have more energy, feel fit
  • You want to eat better, have more control over your diet
  • You are tired of not having the freedom to do the things you deserve
  • You know you can do it, but you don't know how or where to take the first step

If this is you, Old-School Fitness can help turn your fitness dreams into reality.


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