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Kettlebell Training

Push Yourself Without Injury

Why Kettlebell Training?

Kettlebell Training is a fantastic blend of strength training/cardio that will have you seeing results quickly. When you train using kettlebells, you gain strength and durability while becoming more injury resistant both at work and at play.



Kettlebell Training Benefits

  • Full body workout in less time
  • Get stronger, more toned, leaner, faster
  • Simple, efficient and effective
  • Full body workout targets the whole body
  • Greater flexibility back, hips and shoulders

Maximize Technique, Minimize Injury

Our workouts use 60 minutes of exercise designed to increase your strength, joint mobility, and muscle flexibility. If your goal is to get stronger, more toned and leaner, then kettlebell training is one of the best options for you.

Read Our Reviews

  • “Kettlebells are different than I expected. I had concerns they would aggravate an old lower back injury; it was the opposite. I’m able to do more with a stronger core.”

  • “The fitness program that Sharon designed has progressed rapidly. I can’t believe how far I’ve come. I don’t get bored and enjoy using kettlebells instead of machines…”

  • “When you work with kettlebells, your whole body is involved. I feel my core when I think it’s my arms. I feel my butt when the focus was core. It is a complete workout.”