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Nutrition Coaching

You Can't Out Train a Poor Diet

Fitness and Nutrition Go Hand in Hand

No fitness plan is complete without an accompanying nutritional plan. It’s common knowledge that abs are made in the kitchen, and it’s extremely important to make sure the food you are eating is contributing to your overall fitness goals as well. We offer nutrition coaching that will help ensure that everything that you are eating is helping you to build a better and healthier body.

Nutrition Coaching - A plate of healthy delicious food.

Achieve Your Nutrition Goals With a Coach

Nutrition Coaching will move you closer to your weight loss and fitness goals. We provide one on one nutritional consultations and individual nutrition coaching that takes into account your lifestyle and eating options.

By looking at your overall food habits, we can make recommendations that help you make the right choices and transform your eating habits. Before you know it you will develop clean and healthy food practices that will last a lifetime.

What You Will Learn

  • Deciphering food labels
  • Smart grocery shopping
  • Meal planning strategies
  • Making healthy choices in restaurants

At Old-School Fitness in Apex, NC you will find a nutrition coach who is dedicated to helping you making smart food choices as a part of your overall fitness plan.  

Read Our Reviews

  • “I love that I can show up and get an amazing workout and not have to think about it myself. I respect that much emphasis is placed on proper technique.”

  • “Working with Rick two days a week for 2 years, I’ve reshaped my body, my fitness level, diet and the way I approach working out. No more machine weights…”

  • “Old-School Fitness is a great place to train. Their clients are friendly, the mood is upbeat, the aura is fun and engaging. I am valued as a client and appreciate it.”