Personal Training

Get Stronger and Fitter

Motivation + One-on-One Attention = Wow

You want a leaner and stronger body, but just can’t seem to motivate yourself to get to the gym. Maybe you’re facing an upcoming wedding, vacation, reunion or athletic event where you want to wow yourself as well as the crowd.

That wowing can begin today with a personal trainer at Old School Fitness. Personal training gives you a huge advantage over training on your own with its motivational factor alone.

Statistics say you increase your likelihood of reaching a goal by 95% if you’re accountable to someone else for that goal. Our personal trainer makes the ideal someone else.

Maximize Your Results with Personal Training

Dive into a new fitness plan with a personal trainer at Old-School Fitness. Personal training works so well because personalized attention and a tailor-made workout plan are part of the deal.

This helps ensure your workout aligns with your fitness level and capabilities. It also lets you push yourself with the right level of intensity to get rapid results.

Matching your fitness level to the correct exercise program is a must to avoid injury, as is learning proper exercise technique.

Personal training provides an accelerated education in fitness that will benefit you for years to come.

Personal Training - Personal trainer teaching correct plank technuque

Personal Training for Women

One of the most frustrating things for women in weight-loss and fitness programs is hitting that dreaded plateau. This is the point where your body no longer responds to your fitness or diet routine.

This is because our bodies have a talented way of adjusting to change and stress. This amazing adaptation ability is great for survival in the wild.

It’s not so great when you want to fit sveltely into a new dress or bathing suit or be primed for your upcoming 5K race.

A personal trainer can come to the rescue, adjusting your routine to ensure your body keeps improving to reach your ultimate goals.

5 Benefits Of Personal Training

  • Faster and better results
  • Individualized fitness plans
  • Proper workout technique
  • Motivation and accountability
  • Rehabilitate from injury or illness
Personal Training - Client using resistance bands to improve shoulder mobility

Personal Training in Apex and Cary

Old School Fitness takes personal training to a whole new level. Our 1,000-sq-ft private training studio is roomy enough for all types of workouts, yet intimate enough to enjoy privacy and comfort.

Add to that, a team of 2 professional personal trainers who have been helping Apex and Cary residents reach their fitness goals for the past decade and you have a combination that’s destined to succeed.

We serve as cheerleaders, motivators and instructors whose main aim is to help you look better, feel better and achieve your fitness goals. 

Give us a call today to book your first appointment and to see what Old School Fitness is all about. We look forward to meeting you.