Read What Our Clients Say
Client practices 1-hand kettlebell swings with a 14kg kettlebell as her personal trainer coaches.

“When you work with kettlebells, it involves your whole body. I feel my core when I think it’s my arms. I feel my butt when the focus was core. It is a complete workout.”


Client standing on rock outcrop overlooking the valley.

“Due to my commitment to working out with Rick twice a week, I’m healthier and fitter than I would be on my own. I enjoy my sessions at Old-School Fitness.”


Client practicing kettlebell double overhead presses with 2-12lb Russian kettlebells as her personal trainer coaches.

“I decided to work with a personal trainer. I’m not motivated to lose weight and exercise on my own. I always leave the studio feeling 100% better than when I arrive.”


Client doing kettlebell Windmills develops core strength, shoulder stability and mobility.

“The fitness program that Sharon designed has progressed rapidly. I can’t believe how far I’ve come. It’s not boring and I enjoy using kettlebells instead of machines.”


Reviews - Client practices kettlebell snatches with a 20lb kettlebell.

“Kettlebells are different than I expected. I had concerns they would aggravate a lower back injury; it was the opposite. I’m able to do more with a stronger core.”


Clients get personalized attention - boxing at Old-School Fitness

“I’ve been working out with Rick for two years now and have seen a big transformation in my body. I’m stronger, more toned and see muscles I didn’t know I had.”


Client and trainer discussing kettlebell swing technique.

“I’ve trained with Sharon for 8 years. I decided to go with personal training as I was feeling unfit and a bit overweight. I chose Old-School Fitness for their expertise…”


Client training with heavy ropes develops anaerobic fitness and core strength.

“I love that I can show up and get an amazing workout and not have to think about it myself. They place much emphasis on proper technique and I appreciate that.”


Client practices kettlebell overhead lockouts with a 14kg kettlebell as his personal trainer coaches.

“Working with Rick two days a week for 2+ years, I’ve reshaped my body, my fitness level, diet and the way I approach working out. No more machine weights…”


Reviews - Client practices kettlebell overhead lockouts with 2-30lb Russian kettlebells.

“Old-School Fitness is a great place to train. Their clients are friendly, the mood is upbeat, the aura is fun and engaging. They value me as a client and I appreciate that.”


Kettlebell Training - client doing suitcase dead-lifts with kettlebells

“Sharon’s personalized fitness program has given me incredible results. She’s helped me get stronger and stay consistent with my exercising and I feel so much better.”


Client boxing with focus mitts develops aerobic endurance and strength.

“Workouts at Old-School Fitness offer a lot of variety, which keeps me motivated and looking forward to my sessions – incorporating strength, toning and cardio…”