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Strong in My 60's

- Chris

I decided nine years ago to work with a personal trainer. I was completely unmotivated to try to lose weight and exercise on my own. On my own I wasted time walking around trying to decide what to do. I chose Old-School Fitness because I had recently met and worked out with Sharon. Everything clicked! Sharon’s enthusiasm was contagious. I never feel like I am doing the same workout every time. Sharon has my workout ready to go when I get there.

I have constant on and off issues with my lower back. Since my workouts are designed with me in mind I have been able to work through the days I feel less than good. The end of last year I had 2 surgeries that caused my right side to lose strength and flexibility. My fitness levels continue to progress. With Sharon’s guidance and knowledge I was able to work back to and surpass the strength and flexibility levels I had before.

I have lost weight and inches since training with Sharon. But more importantly I have become strong and fit. My energy level is up, I am more flexible and have greater range of motion than ever before. Over the years everyone has noticed how my body has changed because of the customized workouts. People comment on the muscles I have now. Since I began personal training at Old-School Fitness I have learned so much about nutrition, healthy eating and proper technique performing exercises.

I find the studio very relaxing and easy to focus on my workout. There are NO parking problems, or noise or any of the usual distractions you find at a large facility. There is NEVER any waiting on equipment. No more than 2 people train at the same time. Rick and Sharon have the best of both worlds combined at Old-School Fitness.

I continue to train at Old-School Fitness because of the knowledge and experience of Sharon and Rick. I’ve always been pleased with my progress and look forward to my workouts. I always leaving the studio feeling 100% better than when I arrived!

– Chris