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Workouts Tailored to Me

- Chris

I decided to train at Old-School Fitness because I wanted workouts tailored to my needs plus a private space. For 10 years, I competed in figure shows and wanted a change from training isolated muscle groups and literally hours of cardio on step mills in gyms. CrossFit was an option, but overtraining and injury were always in the back of my mind. I wanted a fitness program for the long term.

Workouts at Old-School Fitness offer a lot of variety, which keeps me motivated and looking forward to my sessions – they incorporate strength, toning and cardio into full body exercises. I like using kettlebells, the BOSU, boxing and medicine balls. I’ve developed a lot more flexibility and functional strength – helps me working around the house and managing 4 large energetic dogs.

Training with Rick for the past 2 years has helped me get back into shape physically and mentally. He pushes me just enough to go beyond what I think are my limits, but also is in tune when I need to back off in intensity yet still provide me a dynamic workout. I’ve gone done several clothing sizes without the stress of a strict competition diet and have gotten out of the rut of my usual workout routine.

I really love the privacy of the studio too – usually it’s just my trainer and myself. I don’t feel self-conscious about learning new exercises or have to share my personal space and equipment with others. Training at Old-School Fitness has put the fun back into my working out!

– Chris