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Reach New Heights

- Doug

I started working out with Rick in 2007. I had gone in and out of fitness routines throughout my adult life, but in the years leading up to meeting Rick, I put my career before my health. My physical condition was not good: high cholesterol, excess weight, poor cardio fitness, and a lack of muscle tone. I also lacked energy and found myself subject to mood swings.

Like many people, I knew that I had to make a long-term commitment to my health if I wanted to feel better, look better and live longer. I also knew that I lacked the discipline to stay with a program long-term without some help and accountability. And I had one other goal… and that was to play soccer!! After a 35 year break, I wanted to play in a 50+ league.

So fast forward, where am I? Since 2007, I have seen Rick about twice per week. I have regular times scheduled and only work conflicts or vacation cause me to miss. I weigh about the same as when I started, but the weight has shifted for the good, having converted fat to muscle. Simply put, I look slimmer and trimmer. I started my “late bloomer” soccer career as a rather stationary goalie, moved up to defense, then midfield, and for the past four years, I’ve been on the front line, mostly due to my relatively fast running speed (Rick leads me through interval training on the treadmill).

I have normal blood pressure and cholesterol and a much lower resting heart rate than when I started. Due to the kettlebell and cardio training, I have clearly defined muscles and athletic legs. I also value Rick’s focus on mobility work at the start of each session; all of my joints are flexible and pain-free, which I know would not be the case if I was doing this on my own.

I appreciate that Rick and Sharon have built their program around customizing their approach to the unique needs and wants of every client. This is important since everyone starts in a different place and has different goals. I also find that Rick takes care to adapt my routines to address new goals and physical changes.

Above all else, I enjoy my sessions with Rick and Sharon—they are friends and we share quite a bit about our lives and our families during the workout. I have an unpredictable work schedule and I appreciate Rick’s flexibility to make scheduling changes when necessary.

So for anyone that is willing to commit to a regular and ongoing program, I can highly recommend Rick and Sharon. They are wonderful, experienced and thoughtful professional personal trainers that will help you fulfill your personal health goals!

– Doug