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Exceptional Place to Train

- Toby

I began training at Old-School Fitness in Spring 2011 and immediately felt right at home. I wanted to pursue kettlebell training because all the exercises fascinated me and heard it gives you a total body workout. I couldn’t stand another workout doing bicep curls and leg extensions. Also, I was 55 and realized I needed to focus on my health and wellness – my doctor told me I’d be on cholesterol and blood pressure medications if I didn’t change my lifestyle.

Sharon’s well designed health and fitness plan helped me meet my goals of losing weight, getting stronger, improving mobility in my shoulders and hips and getting better balance. I’ve learned how to train in spite of an injury. Rick and Sharon kept me moving, helped me maintain my fitness and had fun training differently. They taught me it is necessary to train differently from time to time. Everything does not have to be “push to the max all the time”. Sharon emphasizes to do what your body tells you it needs and built recovery days into my workouts.

Sharon’s meal planning enabled me to lose 38 pounds; I have kept it off for six years now! She taught me how to eat healthy with my active lifestyle. Best of all Sharon taught me how to love my body. While it is inevitable that our bodies age, we can still learn how to treat it, embrace it while loving ourselves along the way. All of this boils down to having a healthy approach to life’s endeavors.

Old-School Fitness’ studio is an exceptional place to train. Their clients are friendly, the mood is upbeat and fun while working hard. I am valued as a client and appreciate that.

– Toby