“When you work with kettlebells, your whole body is involved. I feel my core when I think it’s my arms. I feel my butt when the focus was core. It is a complete workout.”


“Due to my commitment to working out with Rick twice a week, I’m healthier, happier and fitter than I would be on my own. I enjoy my sessions at Old-School Fitness.”


“I decided to work with a personal trainer. I wasn’t motivated to lose weight and exercise on my own. I always leave the studio feeling 100% better than when I arrive!”


“The fitness program that Sharon designed has progressed rapidly. I can’t believe how far I’ve come. I never get bored and enjoy using kettlebells instead of machines…”


“Kettlebells are different than I expected. I had concerns they would aggravate an old lower back injury; it was the opposite. I’m able to do more with a stronger core.”


“I’ve been working out with Rick for two years now and have seen a big transformation in my body. I’m stronger, more toned and see muscles I didn’t know I had.”


“I’ve trained with Sharon for 8 years. I decided to go with personal training as I was feeling unfit and a bit overweight. I chose Old-School Fitness for their expertise…”


“I love that I can show up and get an amazing workout and not have to think about it myself. I respect that much emphasis is placed on proper technique.”


“Working with Rick two days a week for 2 years, I’ve reshaped my body, my fitness level, diet and the way I approach working out. No more machine weights…”


“I now know how important regular exercise is; it can be started at any age at any fitness level. Also, it’s an investment and a priority. I’m not motivated to do exercise on my own…”


“I appreciate that Rick and Sharon customize their program to the unique needs/wants of each client as everyone starts in a different place with different goals.”


“Workouts at Old-School Fitness offer a lot of variety, which keeps me motivated and looking forward to my sessions – incorporating strength, toning and cardio…”


“I have become a true believer in the benefits of training with kettlebells! Sharon always plans a tough and fun workout and I come away feeling energized!”


“Old-School Fitness is a great place to train. Their clients are friendly, the mood is upbeat, the aura is fun and engaging. I am valued as a client and appreciate that.”


“I’ve been working with Rick for 10 years and have been transformed from someone who didn’t enjoy exercise to someone who craves and misses it when I’m away.”