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"Girly girl" to natural athlete.

- Miranda

“You’re a natural athlete.” were words I never expected to hear. I never played group sports or even went to the gym until after college. I’ve always been a “girly girl” who doesn’t like to sweat. So when Rick said, “You’re a natural athlete” I laughed. But it turns out he might be right.

I began training with Rick in 2007 with the goal of being in the best shape of my life when I turned 40 the following year. But once I met that goal, I couldn’t quit. For me, Rick transformed a trip to the gym from a chore to something that was fun. He taught me new exercises in small increments that allowed me to build my self-confidence. I even learned to love boxing, sweat and all.

When he mentioned working with kettlebells, I was ready to try them. They are much different from what I expected. I have had occasional lower back problems as the result of an injury 15 years ago and worried that kettlebells would aggravate the problem. It did the opposite; with a stronger core I am able to do more without any back problems. The options with kettlebells allow both people who have never been to the gym and those who have trained for years to have challenging workouts and great results.

So thanks Rick, for taking me out of my high heels for a few hours a week and transforming me into the athlete I never knew I could be.

– Miranda