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Amazing workouts.

- Trish

I met Sharon in 1999 as her mentor with the Team in Training for her first marathon. We went to Alaska… that was many marathons ago.

The next year she returned and we coached runners for many years towards their first half or full marathons. Over the years we’ve cheered each other through countless marathons, half marathons and various distance triathlons all the way up to Ironman distances for both. After my 4th Ironman and rotator cuff surgery I decided to respect my joints (because I wasn’t getting any younger) and try something different over endurance events.

I had done strength training in the past, but was bored with conventional bicep curls, push-ups and such. I tried other boot camp style workouts and loved them, but didn’t love the intensity. As Sharon and I were both healing from illnesses and injuries this past year, we returned to enjoying ‘just walking’ together for hours.

She shared a dream with me that she and Rick were going to finally make a reality – opening their own Kettlebell Personal Training Studio. I had used kettlebells in the boot camps, but not properly or with the variety that Sharon has introduced me to.

I started out with a friend coming to a group session one night a week; after a month, I got another friend to join. I have fallen in love (sometimes a love/hate relationship) with kettlebells and the full body workout that it delivers. After the second month seeing results like my clothes fitting differently and sleeping VERY soundly, my friend and I decided to add another session. I now go twice a week and the results that we experience each week amaze us.

I still walk and sometimes run daily; I still do the occasional Olympic distance triathlon or 10K. I watch what I eat, but have watched my body change in ways that conventional weight lifting will never provide.

When you workout with kettlebells, your whole body is involved. I feel my core work when I think it’s in my arms; I feel my butt get sore when the focus was core. It is definitely a complete workout. I don’t let the scale drive how I feel about myself. I’m happy to see definition in my arms and feel my clothes a little looser on me. I’m not getting any younger and kettlebells help keep my joints healthy while adding strength to my overall being.

I like stepping in and having Sharon’s gentle yet firm guidance and not having to think about what I’m going to do for a workout that day. I plan to keep this up until I can at least lift that 50lb. kettlebell over my head! Only 20lbs. to go… Sharon will get me there!

– Trish