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Love feeling strong.

- Trish

I met Sharon in 1999 – Over the years we’ve cheered each other through countless marathons, half marathons and various distance triathlons all the way up to Ironman. After my 4th Ironman and rotator cuff surgery I decided to respect my joints (because I wasn’t getting any younger) and try something different over endurance events. I had done the gym thing on my own, other ‘cross fit’ style workouts and countless weight loss programs.

In 2010, Sharon and Rick had just opened Old School Fitness and I decided to give it a shot since she was someone I had known over the years. That was 7 years and 20 pounds ago. What started as group style training with kettlebells only, has morphed into 2 days a week of partner style training that includes kettlebells, free weights, cardio (jump ropes, rowing, treadmill, etc), full body incorporated workouts and physical challenges that keep me coming back for more.

I love that I can show up and get an amazing workout and not have to think about it myself. I also respect that so much emphasis is placed on proper technique and not just a full hour of keeping you busy. Even after 7 years, Sharon is always adding new ideas, new challenges and continues to keep things interesting. She does an excellent job of challenging you without you really noticing until a few weeks later when you are moving through something that a few weeks earlier had been a whole lot harder.

I like the clean studio atmosphere as opposed to a gym where people are not the best to wipe down equipment. I also like that one of the largest pieces of equipment that is used is your very own body!! I feel my core work when I think it’s in my arms; I feel my butt get sore when the focus was core. It is all a complete workout. I’m happy to see definition in my arms and feel my clothes a little looser on me.

I’m not getting any younger and kettlebells help keep my joints healthy while adding strength to my overall being. I feel better all over, I rest better and my body is toned and strong. If you are working through aches and pains or an injury, Sharon will cater the workout so that you can still be active, yet not irritate the injury, no matter how big or how small.

I like Sharon’s gentle yet firm guidance and not having to think about what I’m going to do for a workout that day. I plan on keeping this up and my newest self-challenge is a hand stand! Sharon will get me there!!

– Trish